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By Ostrich

East northants, United Kingdom Gb

I am in trouble...again! Our garden (area in total)about a half acre is being overtaken by wild garlic, & I am desperate to get rid of it as it is choking the life out of everything. I am managing-just- to keep it off the beds around the house, but anywhere less cultivated is clogged with it. I have spent an hour this morning pulling it out by the root/bulb, & can't even see where I have been. As I am in my late 70's this is by no means a job I relish!
I am assuming this is spread by pollen as I can see no way it can have got to where it is otherwise.
It doesn't grow in the fields (ours) where the sheep are, so I am assuming they will eat it before it gets a chance to establish itself....NO...we can not put the sheep to it!
Apart from removing the flowers before pollination can occur, which in a way is a pity 'cos that is its only saving grace, they do look like white bluebells, has anyone any suggestions? Frequent strimming would be another answer I suppose but my husband is 83, & the strimmer is too heavy for me.
Is there a weed killer that would work on the "wild" areas? It is even growing amongst the slate slabs, steps, & slate waste patio!
Am getting desperate!



For the past few years I have been seeing in my garden a plant that sent up a long stalk with a bulb at the tip of it. Never heard of wild garlic before so I looked for images of it on the web. That's it! I've got wild garlic in my garden and I have been seeing more of this plant not only in my garden but others as well and even along walkway curbs. A quick read on its natural propagation is that it spreads via underground bulblets and above the ground bulblets. I am looking forward also on getting answers for its control.
The USA variety that I have is Allium vineale as labeled in the photo I have seen........ I have just read that this European native came to the USA in soil used for ballast in ships. It is very difficult to control and livestock that eat in heavily infested areas will have a garlic flavor to their meat and milk.

18 Jan, 2015


I once thought of introducing this to our wild area so I could use the leaves in sandwiches - so glad I didn't now!

18 Jan, 2015


Check out the RHS advice
But given that the bulbils can apparently lie dormant for 6 years you have a long job ahead of you.

18 Jan, 2015


Would glyphosate work? Its translocated and needs applying when its warmer, liable to kill everything though, its possible to shield special plants but not an easy job

19 Jan, 2015


Thank you to the above. Lucky escape "steragram". Any more suggestions anyone??
Is there a restaurant anywhere that would like some? I gather the flowers are edible too!

19 Jan, 2015


I knew a cheesemaker who used it in cheeses - they were very nice too. There must be some not too far from you?

19 Jan, 2015


I'm going to give Rosate 36 a chance....if that doesn't work we shall have to move house before we get swamped in it !!!
Thank you all for advice, keep it coming.

21 Jan, 2015

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