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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I have two 12 inch Easy-Fill Baskets on order from Suttons Seeds.

I am aware from reviews on Amazon, that their flaw is drying out, but watering twice a day (morning and evening) combated the problem according to the reviews.

One website suggested using a liner like moss liner and cutting holes in to to slot the plants through could help a bit with the drying out problem.

I was thinking of cutting a + or X shape to carefully slot the plant through.

Would a liner be a good idea, and cutting the + or X shape be helpful?

Your input would be gratefully received.

Kind Regards




In my photo HNI 0046 in my photo section you will see on my garden shed an old shopping bag dispenser converted to a flower basket. I placed a plastic garbage bag into the container, and filled it with soil. I then cut X's into the spaces in the container and then pushed the plants into the slots. I poked a few holes into the bottom of the bag for drainage. Every morning I watered the basket with a watering can with a teaspoonfull of my favorite granular fertilizer. On especially hot days watering was more frequent and later on watering was more frequent to account for some loss of soil and the container becoming root bound.

24 Jan, 2015


I have to say I had 2 and was a bit disappointed with them, the holes are rather large too big to put plug plants in , the peat falls out of the holes, I blanked off the lower holes as I found them a bit low.
. I think a liner would be the answer.

24 Jan, 2015


Surely a liner defeats the purpose ie easy fill. The point of these baskets with the big planting holes and little dropdown gates is to do away with fiddling about with holes in liners. I can see that adding some moss at the back of the gate would stop the compost from falling out.
(I'm not a fan of domestic hanging baskets and that much black plastic makes me very twitchy)

ps did you buy the watering 'fountains' to go with them? They would seem to be the answer as they provide a reservoir of water and get the water to the centre of the basket in one go.

24 Jan, 2015


Loosestrife, I saw the picture. Looks good.

Liziebee, I will look in to the liner when I go out to the GC in a few minutes.

Urbanite. I will look in to see how easy it would be to cut the liner in the right place to keep it easy.

Why does the black plastic make you twitchy?

No, I didn't buy a fountain.

Thanks everyone for your input. It is greatly appreciated.

24 Jan, 2015


Listening to GQT one of them suggested the water retentive gel in baskets

24 Jan, 2015


Sounds like a god idea. Thanks Pam.

I have bought 2 bags of moss to cover the holes and grate.

24 Jan, 2015


It's not an ethical, saving the planet stance - I know plastic has its uses but I just don't like the look of plastic pots and see too many displays of plants spoilt (to my mind) by them.

24 Jan, 2015


Well, the baskets are designed to fill out very well.You only see the pretty flowers when they have grown a bit.

The plastic appears to get hidden.

I wouldn't have a plastic hanging basket if it weren't for the side holes which get hidden.

I don't mind plastic pots though.

Each to their own though


24 Jan, 2015


Good luck with them - I do think the 'fountains' would be a big help with the watering, if it's not too late.

25 Jan, 2015


Be nice if they made the pots from recycled plastic, maybe they do and I haven't noticed, I haven't bought any for years except with a plant inside ?

25 Jan, 2015


Urbanite, I will look in to the fountains.

The baskets came yesterday morning.

25 Jan, 2015


Add water retaining gel to the compost when planting have a look at my begonia basket 17" Easyfill.
Only watered once a day best If you water early in the morning.

25 Jan, 2015


Thank you for the info Peter. I will pick up some water retaining crystals on Monday.

25 Jan, 2015

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