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I have an apple tree (grown from a pip, about 20 years old ) which has produced a huge crop each autumn and used for chutneys and wine but unfortunately the apples have been infested with grubs for the past 2 / 3 seasons. It would be nice to keep the tree for sentimental reasons alone, so I am open to all suggestions. Maggie Hoskins 25 Jan 2015




Sounds like you have Codling moth , you can use grease bands but this should of been done in October time ...

Pheromone traps for codling moth are available from garden shops or from mail order

Its a green open-sided box that is hung in the tree in early May. The bottom of the box has a sticky sheet on which the pheromone pellet is placed. The pheromone is a scent similar to that produced by virgin female codling moths and attracts mates. Male codling moths are lured into the trap and get stuck the females have very few males to mate with so less eggs are laid .


25 Jan, 2015

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