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you mentioned that one can split the arum lily from its bulb.....can you tell me how and when please...........i have a lovely specimen given to me last year from their bulb but they have moved so cant ask is now huge and needs to be made smaller i is in a large ceramic planter and has had 20 flowers this year......lovely..............

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As no one has answered you! I found this reply to the same question answered by SBG on 27/02/2009 - " it is a corm so knock them out of the pot and separate the corms. repot to the same depth as before, providing they are happy at that depth and off you go. they are easy to propagate. I do mine before the new growth starts, because i'd been ill i did mine in january as part of my 'therapy'." I hope this answers your question

12 Jul, 2010

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