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Does an amaryllis have a finite life? I have had one for about three years, it has been repotted each year and out in the garden each summer.
This year it has lots of leaves, but no sign of any flowers.



Well, everything has a finite life, but 3 years is infancy for this bulb. If you weren't feeding it when the leaves were present, that's why you have no flowers - should be fed once a fortnight with a soluble feed whilst the leaves are present. Something like Miracle Gro general purpose, or any 20-20-20 NPK fertiliser that can be mixed with water. Feed the one you've got now, and continue to do so up till August and you just might get flowers next year.

9 Mar, 2015


Yes. The one I lost last year I'd had for at least 30 years.

9 Mar, 2015


Ask David(balconie) he is the man with loads of knowledge on Amaryllis he has help me with advice with my 2013 Amaryllis gift which flower in 2014 .

And is now is bud again ready to open.

I fed it with tomatoe feed.

9 Mar, 2015


Thanks for the replies.
The only feed it's ever had is Baby Bio when it's indoors, and it flowered for three years.
May be it's dug its feet in and decided to call it a day unless I look after it better!

9 Mar, 2015


While there's life there's hope, it probably just wants a rest.
Do as Bamboo says and then let it dry out completely and give it no water at all until you want to start it into growth again after Christmas. Occasionally they decide for you and start to grow anyway, in which case start to water it again.
You could try giving it the odd feed now with a high potash fertiliser such as tomato food to encourage flowering.

9 Mar, 2015

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