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security hedging thorny and dense


By Lezza

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi all im looking for a really good strong security hedge up to 6ft thorny dense any ideas please thanks



Pyracantha - varieties with red or yellow berries, but choose carefully - they vary in height between 10 feet and 15 feet, so choose one of the shorter ones.

15 Jul, 2010


I would mix Hawthorn with blackthorn, you will have haws for the birds and sloes for yourself

15 Jul, 2010


thank you , i bought some pyracabtha coccinea red column and will see how they go many thanks

19 Jul, 2010


Good choice, nice plant that one. If you're planting now, make sure you keep them very well watered - autumn is really the best time for planting these, when the weather's cool and damp.

19 Jul, 2010


Berberis thunbergii also added some of these to mix for some colour ?

19 Jul, 2010


cheers bamboo how often would you water morning and evening ?

19 Jul, 2010


ah, well now, that's a subject all on its own, watering. they're new plants, so they will need watering, but always best to give a good soak and then leave for a week (five days if we're in drought and its hot, like now) and then give another good soak, so a hose with a spike type sprinkler is ideal. The reason for this is you want to encourage the plant to put roots down deep into the soil to look for water - if you water every day, they won't, they'll surface root and wait for you to come along with your can or hose. So either leave the hose running at the base, or invest in a spike type sprinkler, one that doesn't revolve and throw water for miles, and leave it running for 30-45 minutes when you do put it in on each area. Water very well before planting if the soil is very dry, then water the plants once you've planted them, and not just half a can each either, a good soak. (I say this because we've had so much dry weather the soil is bone dry for a long way down here). Were you planting in late autumn, this wouldn't be necessary, just watering at planting time would be required.
The Berberis is, of course, deciduous, unlike the pyracantha, but a lovely colour when in leaf
And I forgot to say the obvious - don't put a sprinkler on when the sun is on the plants, do it in the evening or early morning.

19 Jul, 2010

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