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By Cobel

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Norfolk Island Pine it came from Tenerife about 10 years ago at approx. 8 inches high it is now in a ten inch pot about 57 inches tall from base of pot I want to re pot it but it never stops growing, very slowly thank goodness as it is indoors, when is the best time to pot it and what type of compost Sorry I do not know how to put pictures up yet. It is a beautiful tree ...thanking you in anticipation

On plant Araucaria heterophylla



Hi, welcome to GoY, you can repot now, or whenever it becomes necessary, use john innes no 2 or 3, Derek.

14 Mar, 2015


I would be tempted to keep the soil poor and trim the roots to help control the growth. It wants to be a medium sized tree but they are not hardy outside in the UK.

14 Mar, 2015


Thanks for the replies, I will have a go, but it's a two man job as it's a bit heavy..

15 Mar, 2015


Does anyone know at what stage will my Norfolk Island Pine will change it's branch's to the scale type you see on Tenerife if it ever will at the size I can keep it till.
thanks again...

15 Mar, 2015


Hi, all I can say is, 'it will change when it's ready, there's nothing you can do about it, and as it's in a pot it may never change, outside, if UK was warm enough, and planted in the ground, it would change a lot earlier, Derek.

16 Mar, 2015


Thanks for replies

17 Mar, 2015

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