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'Partridge Breast' Collapse!

West Somerset, England

I've had plants grown from an original 'baby' for nearly forty years!!! I had one in the spare bedroom, and went to water it today, only to find that it had totally collapsed! Was this due to the bedroom being unheated? I do have one in the kitchen with lots of babies, so I can start again, but I wondered if anyone knew more about these plants. I thought they were pretty tough - wrong! ;-(

On plant Aloe variegata



These are definitely hardy, way below freezing!I'd suggest maybe over watering, but after 40 years I reckon you know how to care for it. Maybe, if just moved to the spare bedroom, the need for water was drastically reduced (as it was cooler) and it has in fact been given too much? But hey, 40 years is a good run, good luck with the other one.

28 Nov, 2007


Not overwatered, that's for sure! More 'under' if anything, poor thing...rather neglected in there. I just can't understand it. I like a challenge and shall be potting up some babies to keep the line going! Thanks for the thought and good wishes. I know it's not a specially attractive plant, but it really has got sentimental value after all these years. :-)

28 Nov, 2007


I have loads of these - some of which have been outside for around 5 years and have survived many frosts! Sometimes some will just randomly die and others go on forever! Once i had one about a foot tall which i accidentally knocked over and it just snapped off from the root but i just wedged it back on top and it kept growing! My first one came from my Gran and I am reluctant to throw any of the "babies" away but I end up with so many that some just have to go!

10 Jun, 2008

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