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Ricinis Communis

The seed packet said to soak the seeds for a few hours, which I have and now have a seed with a shoot coming out of the end.
Is this the shoot, and should I plant it with the shoot at the top?




No idea why you would soak the seeds of Ricinus as you put them in damp soil with bottom heat, so they get soaked anyway. They are fast growers and it does not matter which way up you plant them.

27 Apr, 2015


Well, the instructions which came with it, and also a website I looked at, both said to soak them, so I did.
I don't have bottom heat, so I'll just have to hope.
Thank you for your reply.

27 Apr, 2015


lay the seed flat so the swollen end[where it has taken on water] is horizontal [ in the picture you have it vertical] . My ricinis were up in less than a week. the seed leaves are huge 1-2 inches long so don't be worried.

don't forget the plant is very toxic if eaten.

27 Apr, 2015


A hot water tank/cupboard works as bottom heat. You should get 100% germination with that otherwise it will be much more staggered.

27 Apr, 2015


Thank you for your help.

29 Apr, 2015

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