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I have a large Yucca that 3 years ago the frost killed, now its thrown 5 or 6 new shoots which have taken over the whole flower bed, can i take the side shoots off and replant they are about 3ft 6ins tall, What is the best way to do this



Are you sure your plant is a Yucca? What you're describing suggests its more likely to be a Cordyline, the cabbage palm.

If it is a Cordyline, yes you can remove any shoots you don't want - but if you want to grow them on, you must get some root attached to the bottom. This isn't always possible because they appear above ground level, straight off the old trunk, but if they're at ground level, you might find you can get some rooted pieces.

24 May, 2015


Thank you, yes i think your correct on the plant, we tried yesterday and it will be impossible to get one of the shoots off so will have to let it do i'ts own thing. Only other way is to saw the side shoots of as thay are quite thick, a bit like me.

25 May, 2015


Ha ha, I'm sure you're not thick - I guessed it was Cordyline because lots of people make the same mistake, thinking this plant is Yucca, you are not alone... but you can certainly saw off any limbs you don't want, and now is the time to do it. If you do, angle the cuts to allow rain to run off.

25 May, 2015


Thanks, I just might cut some off as it has taken over and is blocking light from my clematis which is growing up the fence behind it. Can i dig my clematis up and move it at sometime, its not doing very well where it is as this great big thing is in front of it will have to get my lovely husband to get the chain saw on it. Its all go with a new garden its taken 10 weeks of hard slog to get it sorted but great fun.

26 May, 2015


Great fun indeed - but it's ongoing, a garden is never really 'finished', which is one of the great delights of gardening I think! Yes you can move your clematis, but how successful the move will be depends on the variety of clematis and how long its been planted. If its, let's say, a montana variety, and its been planted ten years, and now has a woody trunk, that's less likely to transplant.

The time to move it is autumn, late autumn if it is a late flowering variety, not now.

26 May, 2015

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