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We are building a pergola and, amongst other climbers, I want to plant a wisteria to grow up it.
The pergola will be about 7' high, and there won't be anywhere for the wisteria to be trained on to it in a horizontal way until it reaches the top, as one side is by the side of the pond, one onto a hedge which needs to be cut twice a year and a path runs through it, so those two sides also need access.
Is this going to be possible?



There are pics on line of long tunnels of wisteria which are not supported at the sides. Have a look at

21 Jun, 2015


Thank you

27 Jun, 2015


Thank you, I watched it.
How will I train it at the beginning, do you think? Presumably it will produce side shoots. Should I prune those as they appear, or let it grow and then take them off?

27 Jun, 2015


Sorry I don't know - try sending a PM to Bamboo,she seems to know most things!

28 Jun, 2015

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