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Dying bush ivy


By Mrs_mad

Bristol, United Kingdom Gb

I have two very large (some 8ft by 8ft) ‘bush’ ivies, I have just discovered today that they are probably hedera helix which has genetically altered itself. Unfortunately the one at the bottom of the garden has just upped and died. It lost all its leaves very quickly and the ‘wood’ is dead and brittle.

The other one is starting to look a little sick. The leaves on the ‘head’ are starting to look a yellowy green and some of the new shoots have died off brown. However, some new growth to the side and bottom looks a healthier green at the moment.

Does anyone know what is wrong with it and/or what I can do to save it. The only thing that I can think of is to cut it back hard, but that is a little drastic I admit. I can supply a photo if that would help.



Sorry cannot really help with the Ivies dying, but Bush Ivies like this are ones propagated from the top of a mature climbing ivy, Once an Ivy reaches the height where it will flower it stops being a clinger and becomes a shrub. Odd ain't it? Cuttings from this mature growth retain their shrubbiness.
If they are that big then it is possible that it is old age. However you may if you wish cut Ivy back as hard as you want. As long as there is some of the old stem left it will re-grow. Might take a few years to reach 8 by 8 though. Sorry.

5 Aug, 2008


Thanks very much for your help. I will cut it back jard as you suggest and I might try some cuttings before its too late. mrs m.

10 Aug, 2008

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