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Hello, I have a plum tree, I believe it is the czar kind. I have lots of little saplings growing around the garden (which is tiny) and I'm concerned they are plum tree saplings! I have attached the picture of the sapling and the plums, can you let me know if they are plum tree saplings and how to prevent them from growing? We already have an accidental growth on the other side of our garden and don't want another bunch! Also, how do I go about getting rid of some of the larger ones which have already grown considerably?!

- The Overplummed Clueless Gardener

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The suckers look like cherry of some kind. Is your plum tree grafted on to a rootstock?

19 Jul, 2015


Question - is the second photograph a picture of your plum tree, or is it a picture of the 'accidental growth on the other side of the garden'?

Is there, or was there, a cherry tree, or at least a tree, in next door's garden?

20 Jul, 2015


We get suckers like them of our very old Czar plum, they travel quite a distance across the lawn to the border, easy to mow off on the lawn, we just cut back asfar as possible amongst the shrubs, its supposedto be possible to follow the sucker back to the parent and remove it, not always easy

20 Jul, 2015

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