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I planted purchased from a local market garden centre ( with recommended planting products; 4 Young 2 to 3 year old Gooseberry Bushes in my garden 2 years ago I had pruned them according to gardening books,but they still have not had had even one berry. Could you please give me an idea what could be the cause. The Garden is in South East London with a reason good soil supporting several apple trees & other Fir & Hawthorn trees nearby.
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Paul Saxty



Try giving them a feed of sulphate of potash when you do the February pruning. and don't overprune as they are still very young - at this stage you are only trying to ensure a good open shape.Just shorten and side shoots from the main branches to about three inches long and remove any branches that are crossing.

25 Jul, 2015


I had 7 which I grew on single stems. They produced a good crop every year. Always had to cut off the shoots around the base twice during the summer.

26 Jul, 2015


Yes if you want to grow the bush on a leg you have to do that as well.

26 Jul, 2015

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