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Acer problem
A friend was given an Acer as a present she re potted it in a larger pot in ericaceous compost at first the ends of the leaves went brown but has now lost all of its leaves
it was not in full sun or in a very windy position and she has not let it dry out.
Any ideas of the problem and do you think it will grow next year.



Possible problem is that the pot was too big. I was advised to only repot to a size larger annually for a few years. But I have also had an acer that lost all its leaves in the summer but the twigs were still flexible so I left it and next spring the leaves returned. Tell her not to give up on it yet.

4 Aug, 2015


When did she repot the acer, if it was in leaf when she did so then it is possible the tree went into shock and hence lost its leaves. Repotting is best done after the Acer has shed its leaves. Move to a shady position with no wind and keep watered but do not over water.

4 Aug, 2015


Thank you for your help the plant was in leaf when she repot the Acer best thing is leave it till next spring and hope.

4 Aug, 2015


That is really all your friend can do Peter... wait and see.

4 Aug, 2015

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