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I have a bamboo growing in a pot in my large pond. This year it has gone daft! and is growing incredibly quickly. Can the roots penetrate the butyl liner I have in the pond?



I wouldn't recommend growing bamboo in a pond. As to the roots being able to penetrate the liner the RHS does not advise using it as a barrier to prevent your bamboo from spreading like wildfire so yes it can.

5 Aug, 2015


Chuck it out. Deuce of a job to get rid of in garden
soil. Then you have to set it on fire in the autumn. Messy.
Best left in the jungle.

5 Aug, 2015


Hi, welcome to GoY, do you have the true Bamboo {Bambusa}, or do you have one of several plants referred to as Bamboo, but are in fact grasses, such as Phylostachys,? I don't think you will have Bambusa species, as these are half hardy - frost tender, whereas Phylostachys are fully hardy, but neither of them are aquatic plants, but both requiring, moist but well drained soil, Phylostachys preferring full sun, and Bambusa, full sun to partial shade, and yes the roots will penetrate the liner, they will even grow through concrete, Derek.

5 Aug, 2015


Be careful removing the pot from the pond because that can cause a puncture or tear also. Sounds like you're going to need some good muscle to get that out.

6 Aug, 2015


I had to dig a trench 3 feet deep around the roots to get
rid of mine. Even then the main root stuck. Never again !

6 Aug, 2015

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