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By Waddy

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a large archway which has a Black Knight Buddlia growing along side. I would love to grow some thing to climb over the arch, which has striking yellow flowers. Can anyone suggest a suitable plant which would compliment the Buddlia?



Do you mean something that flowers at the same time as the Buddleja? Honeysuckle flowers for a long time and some are more yellow than cream - my Lonicera 'Graham Thomas' is a lovely pale lemon and is flowering now. There's also Clematis 'Bill MacKenzie', which is bright yellow and flowers until late summer, followed by lovely silky seedheads.

8 Aug, 2015


There's an annual you resow every year called Canary Creeper that would do too. Tropaolum peregrinum)

8 Aug, 2015


You could go for a yellow rose climber?

8 Aug, 2015


Landgirl: Thank you, I really wanted something rather more 'showy' than a honey suckle, but the clematis Bill Mackenzie seems like a contender.

9 Aug, 2015


Steragram : Thank you, but I really wanted something more permanent and I have grown Canary Creeper before and it would neither grow big enough or be 'showy' enough.

9 Aug, 2015


Julien: Thank you. I had thought of a climbing or possibly a ramblind rose, but being a 'newbie ' to roses it was more a case of which one.?

9 Aug, 2015

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