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By Lazyhoe

northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi all, i am looking for the tallest red montbretia / crocosmia available can any body tell me which plants to go for please. also when will they be available in the garden centres, i have hellfire planted 2 years ago but they have not flowered this year plenty of orange crocosmia are planted around the hellfire and are all in flower. advice please bri

On plant Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora




Lucifer is bomb-proof and the tallest.

Hellfire should flower easily but perhaps the corms have become congested? That seems to be a common reason for not flowering in several crocosmia cultivars. You could try digging them out and replanting further apart with some slow-release fertiliser.

31 Aug, 2015


+1 for Lucifer. Love it

31 Aug, 2015


PM me and I'll send you some Lucifer.

31 Aug, 2015


Definitely Lucifer,and I agree,with all Crocosmias,they benefit from splitting..A lovely plant,and well worth having..

31 Aug, 2015


thanks all for replys will wait till they die back then lift and separate. Bri

31 Aug, 2015


Hi, I agree C 'Lucifer'is the tallest pure red, but there's C masoniorum, which is about a foot taller, but is only an orangey red, but is also hardier than C 'Lucifer, being borderline completely hardy, Derek.

1 Sep, 2015


Can't send him any of those though...
Derek, I never know Lucifer was not totally hardy - its been fine here but we do normally get pretty mild winters.

3 Sep, 2015


Hi Sue, yes it's classed as frost hardy, can stand about temps down to about 25f, but as you say you usually get mild winters they should be ok.
T he 'lucifer you sent me last year, I started off in a cold greenhouse, and planted them in a sheltered spot in spring, they have done well, and have been flowering for 2 or 3 weeks now, thanks again, hope we don't get a very cold winter, our winters aren't usually too bad, but we do usually get to about 18f, so fingers crossed we have another mild 1, Derek.

4 Sep, 2015

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