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I have some Agapanthus & Pinocchio Agapanthus in a well drained full sun front garden but no flowers. Do I cut the leaves down now & hope next year is OK? Chears

On plant Agapanthus africanus



No, let the leaves die back on their own, not necessary to cut them down. If your unnamed Agapanthus is evergreen, certainly don't cut them down - if it is actually Agapanthus africanus, will need to be brought under shelter for winter.

4 Sep, 2015


Applying washed seaweed or finely chopped banana peels can bring out bloom in Agapanthus, too. Also helps with cold hardiness.

4 Sep, 2015


will banana peels attract slugs?
they LOVE grapefruit skin

4 Sep, 2015


Not in my experience, Bram, but we don't have as many slugs here as in the UK! :)

5 Sep, 2015

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