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Fuchsia seed germination has anyone had good success germinating Fuchsia seed do they require light to germinate or not?



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17 Nov, 2015


Me, too!

18 Nov, 2015


in the past I have squeezed seeds from ripe pods onto a soil based seed compost and covered with vermiculite and just kept them frost free in the greenhouse and had some success. from one pod I got about 20 seedlings. sadly they didn't get further than that as I hadn't labelled the pot OH thought they were weed seeds so chucked them. [well he was trying to be helpful like yesterday when I got home to find he had cut back the foliage on the phlox. I usually leave the stems on over winter, so I know where they are!]

18 Nov, 2015


Sorry to be negative, but I can't see the point when they are so easy to take cuttings from.

18 Nov, 2015


I agree its easy to take cuttings but these are seeds from plants I have crossed hoping to get something different it would be nice to name a particularly good one after my granddaughter.

18 Nov, 2015


Seaburngirl's method is the right one (see link below) but if you're not aware already, you never know what you're going to get when you sow fresh seeds - they don't come true, so the results will be widely variable, regardless of parentage.

18 Nov, 2015


Thank you Seaburngirl I will give your method a try thank you for the link Bamboo this is what I suspected the seed probably need light to germinate think this is where I went wrong last year covering the seed trays.

18 Nov, 2015

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