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Pussy willow. Last year my daughter admired a standard 'pussy willow' about 5' tall, but with its trailing branches it wouldn't go in the car. Now the Garden centre has some about 18" tall, will the central stem grow at all, you can see how the branches have been grafted on the top, but I wondered if it will stay that height.



It should grow as pussy willow grows quite fast. I once planted a stem from a few I'd picked and after a few weeks found they had all rooted in the vase.

26 Nov, 2015


No, the main trunk will not get taller - I'm assuming you're talking about a Kilmarnock willow (google to make sure). As you've seen, they're grafted at the top of a straight stem or trunk off a rootstock - but that trunk only gets wider, it stays the height it is when you buy it, so if you think its too short, don't get it, get a taller one. That said, over many years, they can occasionally get quite tall, with some growth of the main stem - but it takes years and years, so to all intents and purposes, how it looks now is how tall it will be for 10 years or more - but it will get much wider.

26 Nov, 2015


Maybe she could have one delivered?

26 Nov, 2015


Thanks for your replies, I rather doubted that they would grow really.

26 Nov, 2015


The main stem won't grow any taller, but the weeping branches will gradually build up, layer after layer, as they arch over.

27 Nov, 2015


Triffidkiller - you have posted the same rude comment on another thread. Why has Bamboo ( who is female) bugged you so much?

28 Nov, 2015

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