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Indoor Hyacinths. I Have 2 pots of 3 hyacinths which I am growing for the first time, can someone tell be how much water they should have please, also an amaryllis, which is about 2 " tall and showing a bud. I don't want to over water.



I just keep mine damp not wet.......I had hyacinthsfor christmas and then went aay for a week, I watered them before we went and they are flowering beautifully and still don't needwatering!

2 Jan, 2016


On the Amaryllis, I would allow the top 1/2 cm of compost to dry between soakings. Depending on temp and humidity, about once every week or two, less often if there is little leaf growth.

2 Jan, 2016


I agree with all above - just damp.

2 Jan, 2016


Thank you for your replies I think I'm doing it right, and look forward to some flowers.

2 Jan, 2016


Best of luck, Lizziebee!

3 Jan, 2016

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