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hi me again! i do go on the blogs etc , but i love the questions and answers page . i noticed theres been no comments at all today. as i was reading my replys, i wondered if anyone has been flooded, we lost all power for almost 3 days no heating or hot water!!!



wow, I'm really sorry about the flooding. That must be really disruptive to your life. I hope everybody is OK. My house is high on a hill so I don't have to worry about flooding, except when my hot water tank cracked and flooded my basement almost knee deep. That was fun :(. Of course it had to happen during a hurricane so nobody was willing to come out and help. All in all, it was a nightmare.

12 Jan, 2016


I feel so sorry for people who have to suffer flooding of their homes: the smell, the devastation and the clearing up. I'm fortunate in that though there is a river half a mile away in the park we're on higher ground. I noticed yesterday that parts of the path in the park were covered with water and impassable without wellies and since I was wearing suede shoes I had no option but to walk somewhere else.

12 Jan, 2016


there simply isn't anything to say or ask about regarding plants and growing if you live in the north of Scotland at this time of year. The garden is in hibernation mode and Bulba and I spend any decent weather out bird and cetacean watching. Come spring and the questions will flow in thick and fast again.

12 Jan, 2016


Oh dear Nellie that is a long time without power for anybody, are you near the flooding, my heart goes out to all the people affected, I sit and have a grumble at all the wet but then tell myself off because we are so lucky compared to others and it makes you thankful...I also like the questions pages and have learnt so much from them over the years, most of the time just by reading others queries and the answers given.....

12 Jan, 2016


I don't mind a small hiatus from gardening. A snowstorm is predicted for tonight. I have time to think and plan for next season. I'll try growing spinach this season - gotta have those tomatoes - but what kind? I planted hundreds of new dafs and tulips in the fall, can't remember exactly what I planted where, but It will look great in the spring.

12 Jan, 2016


My favourite tomatoes are the cherry ones. Gardener's Delight is good specially when you eat them straight off the plant.

13 Jan, 2016


Thanks for the suggestion. I highly value it. OK I'm to go with your suggestion. I love the cherry tomatoes. Last year I grew "Sun Gold" - outstanding!

14 Jan, 2016

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