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By Alextb

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Pinching Out.

I know I will forget, so I am asking while I remember.

I have been advised that some young plants should be pinched out to produce bushier plants.

How do I pinch them out? Do I just pinch off the tip or do I need to go lower down that just the tip?

The plants I am enquiring about are below. Do the all need pinching?

Petunia Night Sky
Surfinia Red, Surfinia Lime & Surfinia Blue Vein
African Marigold Vanilla Ice
Cosmos Xanthos Lemon Sherbert
Osteospermum Voltage White & Voltage Yellow
Penstemon Sea Coral

I would appreciate any input or advice you may have.



I've never pinched out any of them, but see what others say.

2 Apr, 2016


Hi Alex, I certainly pinch out the penstemons. I usually just take out the top 2 leaves. the osteospermum get pinched if the cuttings get too leggy too quickly. as for the others I don't really grow them. generally pinching out will make the plants produce more side shoots more quickly.

2 Apr, 2016


When you say "pinch out" do you mean "deadhead?" The idea behind "deadheading" is to prevent your plants from producing seeds so that it does not complete its life cycle. They will just keep blooming and blooming. Pinch off the flowers once they start to fade. Pinch them off at the stem just behind the flowers. A small pair of snippers/scissors comes in handy for this. Towards the end of the season, you can let a few flowers go to seed so you'll have seeds for next year.

3 Apr, 2016


Thanks for the advice.

Bathgate. No, I am aware of deadheading. I was talking about pinching out the tops of young plants to produce bushier growth.

3 Apr, 2016


Oh, in that case listen to Seaburngirl. :)

3 Apr, 2016


I will. Sorry for the confusion. :o)

3 Apr, 2016

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