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By Andip

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all,

I've used a handpush mower for our lawns the last few years, it takes a bit longer, but is better exercise for me and saves on electricity.

However, due to a new arrival in our household I have a lot less time to garden this year (and the next 18 or so), so I'm going to go for a powered mower to try and save time.

Can anyone recommend a good petrol or electric model for use on uneven ground on a slope?

Thanks in advance, Andi.




Uneven ground, on a slope, screams 'hover mower, Flymo in particular' not petrol cylinder mower, but obviously, you need to plug those in. Flymos will cut longer, damp grass, are good on sloped areas, don't cause 'skids' in the grass in Spring or autumn when its cool and damp - but you can't get a striped effect, for that you need a rotary mower with a roller on the back. I can't talk about any petrol mower in particular, I always refused to use them because of the smell/fumes.

And congratulations on the new arrival!

6 Apr, 2016


Don't know much about mowers as I don't do the lawn but I do admire your garden. It looks beautiful.

6 Apr, 2016


Hi, congratulations on the new arrival from me too, 18 years will depend on whether the new rrival is male or female, there's an old saying, a son is a son till he takes a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life, and believe me, it's true, my youngest will be 44 this year, and still wants things doing for her, including loans, {make that gifts}, that never get repaid.
Regarding the question, I agree with Bamboo, it screams out flymo, but you can get petrol flymo's, but they are a bit pricey, but worth it in the long run, no cables to get in the way, Derek.

6 Apr, 2016


He heh, Derek - I've only got sons, and its true when they settle down with a female they're gone - but only to an extent, let me tell you. The minute there's any trouble, especially emotional trouble in the relationship, they're on the phone in a flash, offloading and/or asking for advice from their mum, (and quite often, I'm on their partner's side, honestly, males can be so dense sometimes but more usually I've a foot in both their camps) and with the eldest, the occasional loan which actually, he does pay back... Possibly that 'emotional input' thing doesn't continue with sons and fathers, I don't know, might just be mums who still have to occasionally do that job... Probably varies with the individuals concerned rather than their gender...

I had no idea you could get petrol driven Flymos, I'm off to check those out

6 Apr, 2016


My mother always quoted that remark, Derek, and I've found it to be more or less true though, like Bamboo, I only have sons. But when their father was in hospital for 2 weeks a few years ago they were both with me each covering a week. Chris, very hard up but happy, flew over from the west or Ireland where he lives and refused to let me drive the 1½ hour journey to the hospital so I put him on my insurance. The other son used his company car. They were both rocks and I was very appreciative.

As for 'loans' though......... Yeah right.

7 Apr, 2016


Thanks for all the lovely comments and advice re the mower. I'll take a look at the flymo range.

7 Apr, 2016

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