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Why have my daffodils never flowered for the last two years? All I have is a load of leaves.



I had a similar question a couple of weeks back which people here helped with as I have a bed that's come up blind for a couple of years. I think my had suffered from not getting enough nutrients.

Can be a combination of factors, but a few key points to note were -

Don''t cut back the foliage after flowering as this will restrict how much energy the bulb can store for next years flower.

Try a feed to see if this boosts reserves for the next year.

I'm doing the feed on mine shortly, so fingers crossed for next year - otherwise I have a new bed to plan.

8 Apr, 2016


That's it - feed them with a general fertilizer - if you use a spray they will absorb it through the leaves as well as the roots. Be generous, but not by making it stronger!

As well as not cutting the leaves off don't bend them over or knot or tie them. When they do flower again another year remember to deadhead them.

8 Apr, 2016


One of the factors that stops them flowering is when they are allowed to clump for too long. Big clunps of daffs either stop flowering or flower sparsely. You end up with too many immature bulbs. You see it where the council have planted daffs which have populated for years alongside road verges.

Feed them with a liquid tomato feed, then I would dig them up after the leaves have died down in June and see whether you have a lot of small bulbs as opposed to the bigger, more mature ones which tend to bloom.

8 Apr, 2016


It could be lack of enough sun, overcrowding, bulbs not planted deep enough, or cutting down the foliage too soon after flowering.

Though you shouldn't cut down the stems and foliage for about 6 weeks after flowering (when they've turned yellow) I've recently read that you should remove the dead flowers. If you don't, the plants will divert energy into seed production instead. I haven't tried this before, but will be giving it a go this year to see if it makes any difference.

9 Apr, 2016


I have literally hundreds on a steep bank- no way can I dig them up and replant, or deadhead them or anything else...(I think there's a picture in my photos) But just spraying with Miraclegrow last year has given me a fantastic display again this year, compared with last year's pathetic effort.

9 Apr, 2016


That's a good tip about Miraclegro Stera. I usually use tomato food but the results are not great. I have a smallish garden but lots of daffs and I do take off the seedpods. My neighbour however, has hundreds growing on a bank and never does anything with them and they come up every year. I've watched them for 23 years and they are wonderful again this year. They don't seem to suffer from aged clumping.

10 Apr, 2016


Mine were great until last year too - I think it was a dry spell at the wrong time that prevented them feeding up the bulbs properly. I never fed them before that but think I'll do it again this year, it was so effective.

10 Apr, 2016

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