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By Moatrat

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

My dahlia tubers are beginning to sprout. Do I take new cuttings from the tuber or reduce the sports on the tuber and replant



usually you remove the new growth, dip in hormone rooting powder and plant. don't try and take any of the tuber with it. as the cutting grows it will produce its own tubers for next year.

11 Apr, 2016


Seaburngirl's advice is spot on, if you're wanting to increase your stock of dahlias - if you just want the same ones to grow again this year, pot them up now, you don't have to take anything off the tuber, just make sure its got a big enough pot until its ready to go outdoors in the ground. If its remaining in the same pot for the summer too, the pot needs to be large enough to accommodate a tuber that will be bigger than it is now - it will increase in size again this year.

11 Apr, 2016


Thanks to everyone

12 Apr, 2016

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