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By Kathron

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I have a wisteria in my garden with lots of leaves and looking very healthy but no flowers... I wonder why and think its a bit late now for flowering, I planted it last year sent for it out of the paper, they said it was 2 years old when I got it.



Wisteria are often a problem. My friend has had hers for 15 years and no flowers. I bought mine in flower and it has flowered every year......that is the secret.

3 Jun, 2016


I bought mine 10 years ago in flower and not another since!

3 Jun, 2016


Wisterias can take up to 7 years to produce flowers. If left to get on with it and allowed to take over a large area (35 feet high by about 15 wide) they will eventually flower, but most gardens don't have that kind of space, so training and pruning (twice a year) is best.

Info here as to how prune, and training is usually done in the first couple of years by restricting the main vertical stem or stems to 2 or 3, allowing them to grow to whatever height you want, then cutting them at that height, subsequently pruning the laterals (side shoots) as described in the link.

3 Jun, 2016


Poor you. Know what that like. We had one in our last house. Used to flower every year then about 6 years ago it stopped. Lovely leaves just no flowers. Didn't flower for 5 years then our last spring it started again. Never worked out why.

4 Jun, 2016

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