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A friend has given us a half barrel. We are gong to use it for aquatic plants, and have lined it with pond liner.
The liner comes over the edge and looks unsightly.
I remember seeing one somewhere which had an attractive edging fixed to it, to hide the edge of the liner.
It was straight along the top and scalloped at the bottom and was a few inches deep, and must have been bought by the metre.
I hope this explanation makes sense!
Does anyone know where I could buy something similar?



Have you done an internet search? I've just done one, for 'scalloped pond liner' which brought up lots of results. Hopefully one of those will fit the bill.

16 Jun, 2016


Many thanks.
I have done an internet search; knowing what to call it was difficult. The search brought up nothing. I tried your suggestion, but still can't find what I want.
Has anyone any idea how I could finish the edging?

16 Jun, 2016 have stone faced pond liner which you might be able to cut and apply to your half barrel or you could use artificial grass cut to suit your requirements. Rosierose can you post a link to any one of the sites you found as I cannot find anything either.

9 Aug, 2016

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