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On non stop begonia tubers small orange flowers are on the way. I believe they need cutting off to encourage the large flowers. Are the small one"male" or "female" I have seen 2 conflicting articles.

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Never knew that! I've never cut them off.

24 Jun, 2016


You didn't know that, Steragram because it's not true. The small flowers do not need to be removed, and will not discourage the larger ones, both are usually present most of the time. Give it a few days, the larger ones will arrive bramhallbill.

24 Jun, 2016


Lol Bamboo! I feel better now...

25 Jun, 2016


Are the small ones male or female or is that a fib too?

25 Jun, 2016


The double flowers on tuberous begonias are male, the single ones female. The only purpose to nipping off the females is so they don't set seed, but they generally don't set seed in the UK anyway.

26 Jun, 2016


ah ha ta

27 Jun, 2016

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