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Not a gardening question but can someone please explain why photos, which show up correctly on my computer, keel over when I upload them on this site.



I have occasionally had this problem, Scotsgran. It's quite a common one if the photos are taken on an iPad, because whichever orientation one has used when photographing, they always appear correctly orientated. (It is galling to be told your picture is upside-down or sideways when you are viewing them the right way up! If you are using an iPad, the home key needs to be at the right hand side for landscape, and at the bottom for portrait.) I wonder if it is linked to the orientation of the device you originally used before uploading them to your computer.

29 Jun, 2016


I take mine on my mobile and have to turn it to the left to take pics when uploading to this site, so as melchi says it seems to be the orientation of the device most likely.

29 Jun, 2016


Thank you both. I took the photos and downloaded them to my computer from my camera and some photos are appearing correctly while others are not. I do have to resize and sometimes crop the photos and I wondered if the fault lies in the 760 x whatever pixels size I end up with.

29 Jun, 2016


It might, Scotsgran. I never have had to resize mine from my camera or iPad, so I have no experience of that. I don't use a camera phone. One of the most frustrating things is that there seems to be no way of finding out except through trial and error.

6 Jul, 2016


It is a bit of a time waster trying to figure out how to do things which were straightforward previously.

8 Jul, 2016


So many system updates come along, and they often cause problems. Perhaps it's that.

10 Jul, 2016


Possibly, but I do not have the time or patience to fiddle about with it.

10 Jul, 2016


Couldn't agree more. These things so often end up taking much longer than expected.

10 Jul, 2016

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