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By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Evening all,
Query re perlite.
I've heard Monty Don and others suggest it as an additive to aid drainage in pots and beds with heavy soil. Was surprised when I went to get some yesterday that a 4 kg bag was Eur 11. Can one get it in bulk as my soil is very heavy or is it not something to use in bulk? I'm building a fairly long raised bed and trying to get the soil light and aerated. Thanks for your thoughts.



Sometimes sold by masonry suppliers for use in light weight concrete. Not surprised that it's pricy in Europe, though--to the best of my knowledge, a few mines here in Arizona are the only source for the raw materials.

7 Jul, 2016


4 to 6mm grit costs just a few euro for about 25kg. It is all that I use. Perlite might have some advatages in large containers that you will want to move around regulary but otherwise, no. It is the \bbc licence fee that pays for Monty Dons Perlite, not himself.

7 Jul, 2016


Thank you both, grit it will be then.

7 Jul, 2016

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