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I bought some Allium in pots ready to put in ground early summer and never got round to planting them out.
They flowered beautifuly despite this and have now all died back. Naturally I should add. They were watered during the season so not quite neglected. Since recommended planting time is autumn for bulbs am I able to plant them now or do I need to remove them from the pots and dry them out first?
Will my forgetfulness caused the bulbs to be useless.
Thanks again for your help.



No, you don't need to dry them out, just plant them where you want them to be next year - mark the spots with a cane or something because, if you're anything like me, you'll forget where they are when you turn the soil over early in spring. The one I wouldn't plant, though, if this is one of yours, is Allium triquetrum, or wild garlic - pretty though its flowers may be, its highly invasive.

1 Sep, 2016


Thank you again Bamboo. No the allium is called giganteum or something similar. Big round purple flowers

1 Sep, 2016


Planting depth is important, so a rough guide is to plant them 2.5 times the height of the bulb deep, or 10-15 cm depending on the size of bulb.

1 Sep, 2016

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