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Just bought hebe plant, Classica Tricolor yellow and green leave with mauve flower. Can you tell me the height and spread.

Also hebe Donna Julia mauve/ lilac colour neen height and spread.

Last Donna Addenda pink flower need height and spread.

Thank you Eve



Well in warmer countries, they may make up to 4 feet high and wide, but unfortunately, all three of these are frost sensitive, particularly the two Donna ones, listed as H3, whereas tricolor is listed as H4/H3. If you live in a comparatively mild and warm part of the UK (like Devon,near the coast) they may survive outdoors with just a little damage, depending on the winter, but in colder regions, and in a proper winter, they may die.

20 Sep, 2016


Hi Lynn.

The dimensions can be found by doing a simple internet search for each variety.

Any decent seller will provide that important information, so I'm surprised that yours didn't.

21 Sep, 2016


That's true up to a point but lately lots of suppliers have been giving dimensions after 10 years - OK for Hebes but not so good for shrubs which can get a lot bigger than that.

21 Sep, 2016


Yes, but the OP appears to have no dimensions at all.

21 Sep, 2016


Hebes are sold in many outlets at this time of year with very little information on any label, if there's a label at all - I'm surprised they're even named, frankly, never mind any growing or size info. Sadly, the majority of these are not fully hardy...

22 Sep, 2016

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