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i have a clematis called lady diana have been on holiday got back hone to find all the leaves have got holes in them is it safe to spray the plant with an insectaside



lily beatles often feed off sappy plants like clematis, look for deposits of black tar like droppings on underside of leaves,lilly beatles and there mates are active in the mornings, simply buy some insecticide called the ULTIMATE BUG KILLER pay around 4.99. Brilliant stuff, use all around the garden even on fruit and veg, only thing it won`t globber is Red Spider Mite which are especially fond of cucumber plants this year, use a product called SPRAYDAY made by Bayer cemicals pay around 6.99 if your a keen gardener a PC microscope from MAPLINS ELECTRONICS may be a valuable tool to identify Mite infestations on your various plants and shrubs

9 Aug, 2010


There isn't a clematis called Lady Diana but there 'is' one called Princess Diana, it's in the texensis group and it suffers from greenfly and blackfly.
I have that clematis here and it's had 2 attacks this summer, i use any insecticide and it clears it up immediately.
I've never had Lily Beetle on any of my numerous clematis - i didn't know they went for clems, i've had them occasionally on my fritillaries and alstroemerias though.

10 Aug, 2010


Sounds like earwigs,holes in the leaves, bamboo canes-upright in the ground with a platic/paper cup-stuffed with newspaper will trap them -empty every day and destroy the little bleeders. jim

10 Aug, 2010


You're right ! I've had them in clems before now - they eat the flowers :-(

10 Aug, 2010


they are lily beetles,i have suffered with them for years,they do leave tar like gunk under the leaves they chewed.if you see them,(they look like ladybirds without the spots)just squish them and use bug killer as davidlee says.thanks by the way davy.will try that product as mine not that good.

10 Aug, 2010

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