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Arum lilly.
I planted these in the spring, in tall ceramic pots, with lots of drainage material. They grew well to start with and each produced 1 flower before completly collapsing into a soggy mess and vanishing. I have just noticed that one plant has the beginnings of new shoots, so although there may be some hope for this gorgeous plant, I don't know what went wrong. Can anyone help please.



Is there drainage in the pots in the form of a hole in the bottom? Not sure whether you're talking about Calla lilies or Zantedeschia, but I'll assume its the latter. How early in the year was it when they "collapsed into a soggy mess" and which variety of Zantedeschia did you buy? A lot of them are tender, the one that isn't so tender is Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Crowborough', but what you're describing sounds like they were caught by cold. All these plants like damp conditions.

10 Aug, 2010


didyou try the arum lily in the pond? in east scotland im on the border and thinking of trying to introduce them but conflicting advice given

13 Apr, 2012

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