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By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Hi All,
I've installed some growing boxes in my greenhouse, wondered do I need to line them before filling with soil and if so is it with a permeable or plastic type lining, I have weed membrane in the garage? Also what type of soil (good quality top soil or some sort of mix) should I use if intending to grow some veg and tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, etc. Thanks in advance.



if they are tannalised wood they wont need lining but if not then line the sides with either plastic or membrane. make sure drainage is adequate. I'd use a good multipurpose compost as you are planning on toms etc.
I often use growbag compost for the toms and peppers.

22 Feb, 2017


Thanks Seaburngirl, should have said the wood is pressure treated, has the slight green hue.

22 Feb, 2017


Treated with arsenic, then. I would line them with plastic.

23 Feb, 2017


don't think they use arsenic over here tug but I could be wrong. you need to check what they use over here taurman.

23 Feb, 2017


The green hue is pretty distinctive, though I suppose copper is possible. Also possible is that green dye is added to the treatment, to make a more recognizable product--scary what consumers require, sometimes.

24 Feb, 2017

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