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I have 2, 4 year old apple trees that are beginning to bud but small white spots 2 to 4 MM diameter have appeared on the branches & trunk is this a disease ?




Try as I might, under magnification its too blurry and therefore impossible to tell what those white spots are; need a higher resolution photo or a clear close up of one or two of them. From what I can see, it looks as if there's white spots on one particular branch.
Might be scale, might be something that's splashed onto the wood, impossible to say without a closer, clearer look.

27 Mar, 2017


Try squashing one. If its something spilled on it will remain hard. if its a scale insect it should squash. Or try painting it with meths - if that shifts it its scale and you can carry on with the meths to remove it. But its a funny time of year for scale?

27 Mar, 2017

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