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I bought a clematis pixie about a week ago in flower but knew it was at the end of flowering. My plan was to let it trail over a Victorian chimney pot but when I released it from the canes and then untangled the stems I find that it has only 3 stems that have been trained up and then down the canes giving the impression of a larger more bushy plant. The stems are about a metre long . If I trim the ends will it send new growth out only above the cut end or should I leave it to its own devices.



Clematis pixie is in pruning group 1 and therefore shouldn't be pruned at all. I would suggest leaving it to its own devices, but that is just my view.

7 May, 2017


Yeah, group 1 usually need to be pruned only it they are too big for their supporting structure. And then they should be pruned immediately after flowering. I have never grown Pixie, but I used to have Avalanche which I suspect is from the same group (the evergreen New Zealanders with finely cut, glossy leaves). These are not as tough as other vars. If it were me, I would prune it, to try to encourage some side shoots, but not very hard and as soon as possible. Perhaps only cut one of its 3 stems and see how that goes. and give it shelter and plenty of feed and water it well. My Avelanche didnt flower at all the year after I pruned it, and it sulked as well, so it is a bit risky.

7 May, 2017

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