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Hi all! Hope everybody having fun gardening now the wheather is nice. Anyways I grew this sensitive plant from seed. It keeps growing nice and it's even getting blooms. My question is why is it just keep trailing out? Is it a trailer or is there something I need to do to make it grow bushy? I have seen them bushy so that's why I ask. Thank for any input.




Well, Mimosa pudica is a creeping plant, but that's not what yours is doing, yours looks as if its been too far away from a window without sufficient light, and what it's doing is reaching forward to get to the light. You've not said you're growing it indoors, but if you are, it needs a much brighter position - they like bright light,and a little sun in the morning or evening is fine.

26 May, 2017


Sensitive plants are floppy small bushes, which normally trail a little, but this one looks like it isn't getting enough light, as Bamboo says.

26 May, 2017


I agree. to make it produce side shoots cut the growing tip off say and Inch or so. that will stimulate side shoot development.

I used to have these at work. fantastic plants.

26 May, 2017

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