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Merseyside, United Kingdom

gone low maintenance lane plus stone when i cut the grass it ends up allover thestone whats the best way to get the grass out of the stone



When you write lane do you mean lawn? If so, to go low maintenance I'd get rid of the lawn, but it's up to you. I don't know a way of getting grass clippings out of the stone, but you could use a mower that collects the cut grass to stop it getting into the stone in the first place.

16 Aug, 2010


I agree with Beattie if you want low maintenance get rid of the grass (assuming that is what you meant to type).

17 Aug, 2010


Mowers without a grass box and strimmers will both make grass go over the gravel, even more so if there's no edging seperating the lawn and stone. I used to have a similar problem when trimming hedging, the cuttings would cover the gravel and make it very hard to clear up. So I simply laid a piece of lightweight material over the gravel to catch the mess and then all I had to do was fold the material up, lift off and empty (or throw away). Made an awkward job very easy!

17 Aug, 2010


I agree for low maintenance you cannot have both get rid of the stones or the grass?
Are you letting the grass grow long between mowings? I have an area I dont want grass on and use a mower with an inbuilt grass collector and mow every 3-5 day then use a yard brush to sweep over the stones and with regular/frequent mowing I find there is very little to cover the stones?

17 Aug, 2010

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