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Will scapled blue grass recover? How do i fix it?



Presumably you mean scalped and not scapled, but what, precisely, do you mean by 'blue grass', in other words, which plant, if you mean an ornamental grass, or do you mean some kind of lawn grass? A photo would be helpful too.

28 Jun, 2017


Whatever it is if you've scalped it right down to the ground it should recover in time but keep it well watered to give it its best chance. Don't mow it again until its growing strongly again. Its always best not to use the mower on the lowest cut - little and often is better than occasional and drastic...

28 Jun, 2017


Actual Bluegrass (Poa pratensis) should recover, since it grows from rhizomes. If the lawn is a blend, the ryegrass and fescue components will suffer, though.

28 Jun, 2017

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