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I have a patch of garden that was to grow vegetables in but it hasn't worked out very well and we cannot manage it any more. We have planted 3 small fruit trees there but the weeds are rampant. I need some recommendations for ground cover that will not grow too high for the fruit trees? My sister has given me some Creeping Jenny but what else would do? I would appreciate your views.



Your fruit trees need at least a foot of space round the trunk with not plants in it so I would not suggest anything that is going to get up close and personal with the trunk, which creeping Jenny will. Unless there is a huge amount of space between the trees you be better keeping the ground clear with a hoe.

3 Jul, 2017


Vinca makes good ground cover as long as you remember MG's advice. Many of the perennial geraniums will make good ground cover but mostly only in summer. Some of the creeping campanulas (especially poscharskyana and portenschlagiana) will spread happily and self seed too and have pretty blue flowers. Remember to put some Spring bulbs there too. You could consider putting in a few stepping stones too so you can easily reach the trees without having to walk on the ground cover plants too much.

3 Jul, 2017


Lamium maculatum varieties such as White Nancy or Beacon Silver make good ground cover, but if your fruit trees are dwarf ones, or have only been in less than 3 or 4 years, then it is important to leave clear space around the trunk.

3 Jul, 2017

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