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Strawberry Plants. I have a bed of strawberry plants that have had no attention for four years so they are now everywhere. I would like to give some of the plants away to friends as the fruits they produced were amazing but I've never had anything to do with strawberries before and don't know the best way to do it without harming them. Any tips please ?



Just lift some of the smaller plants, runners, and either pot them up or if the friends are local wrapped in wet newspaper. You may want to clear out the whole bed and keep some of the runners for yourself as after four years the old plants will be coming to the end of their useful productive life.

5 Jul, 2017


And don't forget to plant your new runners/plants in a different bed as strawberries can build up viruses in the soil if grown in the same spot after a few years.

5 Jul, 2017


Good point Jimmy

5 Jul, 2017


Ah .... I didn't know that. Moon Grower I'm sorry if I sound silly but do I just cut the runners off the bigger plant ? Will that not harm them ? And Jimmy what kind of veggies would it be OK to plant in the cleared out strawberry patch (i.e. Is there anything that I should avoid planting in there ?)

6 Jul, 2017


So long as the runners have rooted yes simply cut them off the mother plant, which is likely t one coming to the end of its useful life.

6 Jul, 2017

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