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I have an outdoor hibiscus that have suffered from the dry weather earlier in the season (Belgium). The flowers are fewer and smaller, LOT fewer and smaller. Bush about 3 M high and 8-10 years old.
To try to revive the bush what do you advice ? Cut down ? How much and When?



If its Hibiscus syriacus, these require no pruning other than light pruning to remove dead or diseased or untidy growth in late winter or early spring. Assuming its in the ground and not a pot, if the only problem with it is that it had smaller and fewer flowers this year, then it doesn't need anything, other than ensuring that, in similar weather conditions next year, you keep it well watered.

If its in a pot, it probably needs a larger one.

15 Jul, 2017


Many Thanks for quick response ?

16 Jul, 2017

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