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I Have some sort of plant growing in my yard that i have no idea where it came from there is about 4 stalks 3' tall hearty stalks about 3-4"green leaves. a bulb came through some leaves then a cluster of small white flowers came throug they were there a few weeks then Beas came i guess sucked the pollen out the beas died then the white flowers died now there is green acorn shaped bulb is there that also looks fuzzy or prickly

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Hello, welcome to GoY. This is Asclepias Syriaca, also known as Common Milkweed. Those "green bulbs" you see are seed pods from the successfully pollinated flowers. When they are fully matured, they will split open to release hundreds of seeds on little parachutes similar to dandelions. Milkweed is vital to survival of the Monarch butterfly, which is currently endangered of extinction. They will only lay eggs on Milkweed plants. Only a few of the seeds will actually germinate to become Milkweed plants - the rest be eaten.

21 Jul, 2017


Wow thanks for the info. where do you think it came from? I have been living on the property over 12 years first time i saw this was last yea but thought it was a weed. pulled it out.this year came back bigger and looked more healthy so i left it and this is what it grew into. is there anything i need to do with this or just leave it for mother nature>
thanks again

21 Jul, 2017


Your welcome. It could have come from a bird or the wind. Those seeds could travel for miles with their parachutes. It grows from a long tap root like a carrot. So if you pull off the top, the root will sprout another top. You don't have to do anything with it. If you look closely, you may see a few caterpillars or eggs on the undersides of the leaves. Those are likely Monarch Butterfly eggs and larvae. If you do, then I'd just leave it for them.

22 Jul, 2017

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