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Has anyone used Strulch? Do you have an opinion on it?



Hi, I asked a similar question about the end of june, I saw it advertised, and the claims made for it, tome it seems a bit pricey for chopped, composted straw, with a few added nutrients, and as for it lasting 2 years, Mmmmm, not sure about that one, I went for small bark chippings, but I only wanted it for moisture retention, I didn't need it after all with all the rain we've had, but it doesn't look too bad, Derek.

14 Aug, 2017


Thank you.
I've ordered six bags, I'll see how I get on with it. If I don't like it I haven't lost much, and can always dig it in. However, if it works, and represses the weeds, it will be worth its weight in gold!

15 Aug, 2017

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