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Is there a good time to prune birch trees, camellias & lilacs? For the birch tree & camellia whats done is done! The birch tree has 4 trunks. On my neighbours side his tree surgeon said he was going to take out the odd side shoot. He took all off on his side so the tree is half the width from the border. Crazy. There was a magnolia that was moving away from the fence. All that's left is a 4ft stump. Our view now is a play house,trampoline, asbestos garage & lots of other houses. Our privacy has totally gone on one side!! As these removals were on his land there was nothing I could do.
On my side I will need to tidy a lilac that has grown too leggy......more wendy house to look at....september lor october me thinks 3ft high stumps



As you mentioned, the best time to prune is Sept/Oct. Perhaps you can plant a magnolia on your side, or some evergreens?

30 Aug, 2017


We have a 4ft 6 wooden fence or there abouts....3 different sections in age & height The nbr had a 30 yr old magnolia tricolour & it was always full of flowers but 2 main branches broke after a storm. It was 25ft high. On our side there is a magnolia stellata & an acer but they are only 4 ft high. Lower down we have an enkianthus ,old rhododendron & spindle tree. By the birch tree we have a 2 ft high magnolia & then lilac lower down. The nbr removed all plants to fence ht. His priority is lawn for kids & patio. So wait & see.
Stuff he removed was in the main evergreen. You only wonder when its gone as to what it was.

30 Aug, 2017


Yep, that happens. My neighbor removed his wild grape vine that hung over my side & I used to make fabulous grape jam & tie dye Tee shirts from the purple grape skins. I would have art lessons for the kids. That's all over lol!

30 Aug, 2017


Unbelievable Bill isn't it.

30 Aug, 2017


Don;t take too much off the lilac if its yours - they should be pruned, if they need it, immediately after flowering, so if you cut off a lot now, you won't get many flowers next spring.

30 Aug, 2017


Hm. One of the lilac branches has moved from the fence area & moved 45 degrees. Few days later its not 90 degrees to where it was on the support so it is bye bye. Filled a green wheelie bin, No choice really just odd. There are lots for the chop after flowering. I spotted a varigated holly.2ft high 7 yrs old. 2 hydrangers simply dissapeared (my side) the lilal is greedy fow water so I guess its hard for others to survive. I have a spring planting scheme with b bells,daffs, xmas roses & snake plants & wood anenomies but the lilac is the height. I also have variegated ivy an acer ,quince & a few other players.....

12 Sep, 2017

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