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This year some of my hardy fuchsias had curling leaves and flowers only on the lower branches, although the plants grew quite tall. What was the problem and how can I prevent it happening next year?



Could you add photo? It could be as simple as aphids or it could be the much more serious fuchsia gall mite.

2 Sep, 2017


PS - two very different causes with very different treatments so you do need to add a photo. If the leaves on the new shoots were curling up badly it does sound horribly like gall mite, in which case you need to remove all the affected wood immediately you find it and burn it.

If they were just bending a bit look on the underside of the leaves to see if there are any aphids.

6 Sep, 2017


Thanks for your suggestions. I've just tried to send a photo but am new to this site and phone and not sure if it's worked!

8 Sep, 2017

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