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Hello everyone ,
Could someone help with an explanation ! i have a two year old Pyracantha ' Teton ' bought from a reputable nursery early summer it produced loads of white flowers , and stands just over 1 / one metre tall , for some reason a lot of the berries have 'disappeared ' and the remaining ones are very small and still green ! why ? because other people's Pyracantha's nearby are covered in big bright berries ! including my daughter's , she can't come up with anything either ! i have kept it watered and it faces south-west , otherwise the plant is healthy looking with bright green leaves and no bugs ! , I have had Pyracantha's before and never had this problem , any idea's would be very welcome ! many thanks .




I had a new plant exactly the same as yours , also I made a point when buying it was covered in berries thinking I would get a head start
But it has taken a number of years to settle in , and late frosts can kill the flowers which means none or very little berry to show in the Autumn.
Depending on the variety some change berries change more quickly to red , yellow or orange

Did you keep well watered every week over the summer as lack of water and the berries wont develop and drop off prematurely, I think they just take time to settle in and yours only being two years is still at its baby stage

3 Sep, 2017


Hi Gnarly gonon ,
Thank you so much for your quick reply re- pyracantha , I think you may be right , although I have watered through out the summer we have had some very hot weather here in Kent , 30c at times , as you say it is only a 'baby ' yet and does probably need to settle in , the label says ' upright and vigorous ' so will see what happens next year , meanwhile I will keep watering ! fingers crossed we don't get a harsh winter.
Thanks again , Lucy ( heronbay )

3 Sep, 2017


It might just be down to poor pollination in late spring. Before you bought it, it would have been in a sheltered position and had many other shrubs of the same variety in close proximity so ideal conditions for pollination, hence many berries.

3 Sep, 2017


Sometimes birds will take the berries when they are only just reddening so that might go some way to explaining the ones that disappeared. Maybe you have a hungry blackbird living in your garden.

3 Sep, 2017


My thanks also to jimmytheone & Steragram ....could certainly be due to poor pollination , although i have two Buddleias close by ! a fence provides shelter too, hungry birds i have a selection !! so yes could be any of these things , i will keep a close eye on what happens now and next spring ,again thanks to everyone , hope you've all had good results with your gardens / gardening this year .
Lucy .

4 Sep, 2017

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